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taxi·der·my - noun - ˈtak-sə-ˌdər-mē

: the skill, activity, or job of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of dead animals so that they look like they did when they were alive


We specialize in Whitetail deer.

Serious about the quality of your trophy...so are we.


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Full Antlers, Shoulder Mount, or European Mount


About Sam Bailey

About Sam Bailey Sam’s love of nature and the outdoors began while growing up on a farm in North Florida. His first deer was an Eleven Point. He attended a High School which was well known for their Agriculture program. This environment allowed him to cultivate numerous friendships with classmates of similar backgrounds and interests. Heading out to hunt and fish after school was a common routine. The day after graduating High School he flew to Wisconsin to attend the well-known Dan Reinhart Taxidermy School. Always the perfectionist, Sam has spent several years of perfecting his art and now offers you the best Quality Shoulder Mounts at affordable prices.