Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge

Providing compelling pictures, enticing examples, and choose experiences by means of anthropologists in numerous destinations all over the world, Haviland, Walrath, Prins and McBride current evolution and prehistory in vibrant, obtainable phrases, and reveal how the sector is suitable to realizing the complicated international round you. you will have the chance to discover the various methods people face the problem of life; find out about the relationship among biology and tradition during human evolutionary background in addition to in shaping modern human biology, ideals, and behaviour; and spot the influence of globalization at the persisted survival of our species and planet. to be had with InfoTrac pupil Collections http://gocengage.com/infotrac.

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The Mummy Case (Amelia Peabody)

Radcliffe Emerson, the irascible husband of fellow archaeologist and Egyptologist Amelia Peabody, has earned the nickname "Father of Curses"—and at Mazghunah he demonstrates why. Denied permission to dig on the pyramids of Dahshoor, he and Amelia are resigned to excavating mounds of rubble in the midst of nowhere.

Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology

Dedicated to the clinical research of human antiquity, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: technology and Pseudoscience in Archaeology makes use of attention-grabbing archaeological hoaxes, myths, and mysteries to teach how we will be able to use technological know-how to benefit issues in regards to the earlier. through putting wildly erroneous claims in the context of the clinical procedure, this crucial supplementary textual content demonstrates how technology techniques questions about human antiquity and, in doing so, indicates the place pseudoscience falls brief.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Very Short Introduction

Every body has heard of of the lifeless Sea Scrolls, yet amidst the conspiracies, the politics, and the sensational claims, it may be tough to split fable from fact. right here, Timothy Lim explores the cultural and ancient historical past of the scrolls, and examines their importance for our realizing of the previous testomony and the origins of Christianity and Judaism.

Biblical Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction

Public curiosity in biblical archaeology is at an all-time excessive, as tv documentaries pull in hundreds of thousands of audience to monitor exhibits at the Exodus, the Ark of the Covenant, and the so-called misplaced Tomb of Jesus. very important discoveries with relevance to the Bible are made almost each year--during 2007 and 2008 on my own researchers introduced at the very least seven significant discoveries in Israel, 5 of them in or close to Jerusalem.

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