Lithium Batteries: Advanced Technologies and Applications

By Bruno Scrosati, K. M. Abraham, Walter A. van Schalkwijk, Jusef Hassoun

First built within the overdue Eighties, lithium-ion batteries now strength every little thing from capsule pcs to energy instruments to electrical automobiles. regardless of great growth within the final twenty years within the engineering and production of lithium-ion batteries, they're at present not able to satisfy the strength and tool calls for of many new and rising units. This booklet units the degree for the improvement of a brand new iteration of higher-energy density, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries by means of advancing battery chemistry and deciding on new electrode and electrolyte materials.

The first bankruptcy of Lithium Batteries units the root for the remainder of the booklet with a quick account of the background of lithium-ion battery improvement. subsequent, the booklet covers such themes as:

Advanced natural and ionic liquid electrolytes for battery applications
Advanced cathode fabrics for lithium-ion batteries
Metal fluorosulphates in a position to doubling the power density of lithium-ion batteries
Efforts to improve lithium-air batteries
Alternative anode rechargeable batteries akin to magnesium and sodium anode systems
Each of the 16 chapters has been contributed by way of a number of major specialists in electrochemistry and lithium battery know-how. Their contributions are in line with the newest released findings in addition to their very own firsthand laboratory adventure. Figures through the ebook aid readers comprehend the thoughts underlying the most recent efforts to improve the technology of batteries and enhance new fabrics. Readers also will discover a bibliography on the finish of every bankruptcy to facilitate extra learn into person topics.

Lithium Batteries offers electrochemistry scholars and researchers with a picture of present efforts to enhance battery functionality in addition to the instruments had to increase their very own learn efforts.

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