Moni Odigitria: A Prepalatial Cemetery and Its Environs in the Asterousia, Southern Crete (Prehistory Monographs)

This quantity offers the ultimate file at the excavation of 2 Prepalatial tholos tombs and their linked is still at Chatzinas Liophyto close to the Moni Odigitria (monastery) in south-central Crete. The grave items and burial continues to be contain pottery, steel gadgets, chipped stones, stone vases, gold and stone jewellery, sealstones, and human skeletal fabric. the result of the linked survey of the higher catchment of the Hagiopharango area also are stated. The publication finishes with a reappraisal of our figuring out of the early cost of the Hagiopharango and a Greek precis.

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Reddish-yellow surfaces (5YR 6/8); yellowish-red middle (5YR 5/8). tremendous Orange with Calc textile. 2d century A. D. (Hayes 1983, 132, no. 164, fig. 12; Raab 2001, 88, no. 25, fig. 46). RP58 (Field 24, Transect 10). Jug: oval deal with. Very worn. MPD: 2. five x 2. three cm; th. zero. eight cm. Creamy, very gentle surfaces; gentle, delicate center. Very light brown to crimson surfaces and middle (10YR 8/4 to two. 5YR 8/4). high-quality Buff textile. RP51 (Field 30, transect unknown). Jug(? ): rim. Worn. MPD: three. 6 x four. four cm. Powdery, gritty, delicate surfaces; grainy, very difficult middle. Reddish-yellow surfaces (5YR RP59 (Field 23, Transect 10). Small jug: around deal with. Worn. MPD: 2. eighty five cm; half part: 1. three x 1. 35 cm. Powdery, very demanding surfaces; grainy, very demanding middle. Very faded brown surfaces (10YR 8/4); reddish-yellow middle (nearly 7. 5YR 6/6). high quality Buff textile. 34 JANE FRANCIS RP60 (Field 30, Transect 10). Jug: neck and shoulder. Worn. MPD: five. four x three. 6 cm; th. zero. 7 cm; est. d. ca. nine cm. Powdery, gentle surfaces; very powdery, tender center. Reddishyellow surfaces (5YR 7/6–7/8); reddish-yellow middle (nearly 5YR 6/6). Medium-Fine purple Orange cloth. above. Worn. MPD: four. three x five. 05 cm; th. zero. eighty five cm. Powdery, medium-hard surfaces; grainy, sharp, not easy center. Reddishyellow surfaces (nearly 7. 5YR 7/6); gentle brown center (nearly 7. 5YR 6/4). Medium-fine Orange Micaceous (Silver) textile. RP61 (Field 30, transect unknown). Jug(? ): thickened rim. Worn. MPD: 7. five x three. 2 cm; th. zero. nine cm; est. d. ca. 21 cm. Powdery, gritty, tender surfaces; flaky, foliate, very challenging center. Reddish-yellow surfaces (7. 5YR 7/6); reddishyellow middle (5YR 7/6). Orange Siltstone Sand textile. RP68 (Field 31, Transect 1). Jug/jar: deal with. Very worn, burned. MPD: three. zero cm; half part: 1. eighty five x zero. five cm. Powdery, gentle, smooth surfaces; vitrified, very tough center. Very faded brown surfaces (10YR 7/4). wonderful Tan with Mica (Silver, Gold) cloth. RP62 (Field 30, Transect 5). Jug(? ): strap deal with. Worn. MPD: 2. eight cm; half part: 2. nine x zero. sixty five cm. delicate, not easy surfaces and center. Yellow surfaces (10YR 8/6–7/6); gentle brown to reddish-yellow center (7. 5YR 6/4–6/6). wonderful Yellow cloth. RP69 (Field 30, Transect 8). Jug/jar/closed vessel: everted, lid-set rim. Very worn. MPD: three. zero x 2. 15 cm. Very gritty, bumpy surfaces; very grainy, approximately vitrified center. gentle reddish-brown to reddish-yellow surfaces (5YR 6/4–6/6); yellowish-red center (5YR 5/8). Medium Orange Sand textile. RP63 (Field forty four, Transect 2). Jug/small amphora: flattened deal with. Very worn. MPD: three. three cm; half part: 2. 6 x 1. zero cm. Powdery, medium-hard surfaces; grainy, difficult middle. Very faded brown surfaces (10YR 8/3–8/4); mild purple center (nearly 2. 5YR 6/6). positive Buff cloth. RP64 (Field 24, Transect 1). Jug/small amphora: oval deal with. Very worn, a bit burned. MPD: three. zero cm; half part: 1. 1 x three. zero cm. Gritty, gentle surfaces; grainy, medium-hard center. crimson to mild reddish-brown surfaces (5YR 7/4 and 6/3); yellowish-red middle (5YR 5/8). Tan red Quartz textile. RP65 (Field 23, Transect 5). Jug/small amphora: oval deal with. Worn. MPD: 7. 2 cm; half part: 2. sixty five x 1. three cm. Gritty, powdery, difficult surfaces; grainy, powdery, challenging middle. Reddish-yellow surfaces (7.

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