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By Susan Nance

The concept that of 'modernity' is critical to many disciplines, yet what's modernity to animals? Susan Nance solutions this query via an intensive reinterpretation of the lifetime of Jumbo the elephant. within the Eighteen Eighties, shoppers, the media, zoos, circuses and taxidermists, and (unknowingly) Jumbo himself, reworked the elephant from an orphan of the worldwide ivory exchange and zoo captive right into a distracting foreign big name. electorate on continents imaged Jumbo as a sentient person and puppy, yet have been aghast while he died in an business twist of fate and his is still have been absorbed through the taxidermic and animal rendering industries reserved for nameless animals. The case of Jumbo uncovered the 'human hassle' of contemporary dwelling, in which humans celebrated person animals to manage or distract themselves from the wholesale slaughter of animals required by means of smooth consumerism.

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11 Such newspaper pieces, which often were planted press notices authored by circus publicists, appeared by the hundreds in North American newspapers and drew on collective memory of noted circus elephants who became destructive as they neared adulthood, most being destroyed by their owners in time. Such reminiscences constituted a crucial node in mass distribution of information about circus elephants, who were portrayed as celebrated, unique individuals in order to endorse that kind of consumer knowledge as valid in the public sphere.

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He distinguished between domesticated and wild animals, arguing that even if captive bred and reared, many wild species were driven by particular instincts. Especially with big cats and other carnivores, there always lurked “the danger of their savage nature being developed at any moment,” no matter how tame they appeared. 52 In short, to Bartlett and many at the LZS, Jumbo was a quickly maturing bull elephant somehow able to control himself during the day but resisting his living conditions at night.

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