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T h e machine time per component is 8 minutes. 05 per minute. Ignoring workpiece handling times, setting times and tool depreciation, what is the cost of machining 100 components at a cutting speed of 60 m per minute? 62 The cost therefore of a batch of 100 components = £62 Most economical cutting speed The following is a derivation of the relationship for the most economic cutting speed. Forming processes - metals 49 1 K Time to machine a unit volume of metal <* — = — V V where V is the cutting speed and K a constant.

The term 'roll burnishing' is used when internal or external cylindrical surfaces are burnished using hard rollers. Because the process involves cold working, the resulting surface has better wearing properties. 1 μιη are possible. Forming processes - metals 41 The selection of cutting processes When selecting a cutting process, the following factors are relevant in determining the optimum process or processes: 1 Operations should be devised so that the minimum amount of material is removed. This reduces materials costs, energy costs involved in the machining and costs due to tool wear.

The following example illustrates a use of the expression. The cost of operating a particular machine is £12 per hour and the cost of a tool change is £3. 25. What is the most economical cutting speed? V=C\ (JIH)(\-nV J = £3 and// = £12 per hour = £12/60 per minute. HenceJ/// =15 min. 6 Metal removal The machining methods previously considered have all involved removing metal from the workpiece by cutting by means of a tool, the tool being harder than the material of the workpiece. There are however other methods of removing metal which do not involve cutting using a tool.

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